where to buy high quality fake id

Established three years ago, this vendor has undoubtedly made a place for itself among the most reputed vendors in the industry. A website with amazing graphics and coded with the most modern programming; this forgeries maker is one of the best options available in the market today.

Not only our blogging members, but the visitors of our blog that purchased from them have just lovely things to say about the fake ids of ID-GOD. They are currently making the newest and also providing the outdated fake ids.

LOCATION: China – This vendor is located in the Guandong province of the People’s Republic of China. At least, that is what we heard and can speculate. Their website explains how they hire professional Photoshop experts and purchased equipment to make their hologram sleeves, Lamination, and imitating each element of the state identification or driver’s licenses individually.

STATES THEY MAKE: We have reviewed almost 40 states of their catalog. Apart from a few IDs every replica that you purchase; you will be given a choice of selecting the older or the updated template for it. The other unique thing about this website is that they make both Driving and state IDs which makes them stand above the rest.

PRICING: These guys are a bit expensive than your average fake id makers. There are a lot of reasons for that such as their templates are custom built. They do not purchase models from the market and then craft forgeries on them. The average price of their replicas is 125 USD. Instead, they have separate staff for each state that they make and each one is responsible for it.

BARCODES: ID-GOD generates barcodes with their custom built barcode generator. The format that they encode their codes with matches exact as that of the DMV issued licenses. Hence, they offer you to leave them to create driving license number, expiry date, issue date, and other credentials and their automated system will create those for you.

SUPPORT: Every customer that purchases from them can send them a support ticket before buying. The website Frequently Asked Questions knowledge base already explains everything in detail such as ‘How to take a photo‘ or ‘How to pay for your fake id‘ but if you still have questions they will get back to you within a few hours. Moreover, their staff has excellent skills in communicating through the English language which most of the Chinese vendors lack.

PRIVACY: They have a unique system, and with communicating about it we conclude that each order that they process gets deleted after they ship your ID. It is one of the most underestimated aspects of a vendor when it comes to customer privacy. Your data is precious and can be used by different ID makers such as the ‘FAKE ID SCAM SITES‘ for drop services and other illegal stuff.

PAYMENT: It is very convenient to purchase from these guys. The payment system comprises three methods. 1) Bitcoin,LTCoin 2) Paypal 3) Western Union. All of these are very convenient.

WEBSITE STRUCTURE: The best thing from a customer’s perspective is that they offer you four to five images of each fake state id that they make. You can examine the samples taken under standard and ultraviolet lights and at different angles. Only high-quality makers will do that; fraudulent or scam sites will never put that kind of effort, and they want your quick money. Buy ID, on the other hand, encourages you to view videos of their fake ids taken in different printing facilities.

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